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Microsoft Faces Antitrust Charges from EU Regarding Microsoft Teams

The European Commission' suggests that Microsoft might have given Microsoft Teams an "undue advantage" by coupling it from Office.


has come under scrutiny from the European Union, facing antitrust accusations related to how it has incorporated Microsoft Teams into its Office software suite. The European Commission has sent a statement of objection to Microsoft voicing concerns that the tech giant could be leveraging its powerful market position to inhibit competition.

The European Commission's preliminary results suggest that Microsoft might have given Teams an “undue advantage” by coupling it with Office.

EU Commission Questions Fair Competition

The focus of the European Commission's probe is on whether Microsoft's practice of packaging Teams with Office unfairly disadvantages rival services.

By embedding Teams within the widely used Office suite, Microsoft might have restricted consumer options and blocked competitors from gaining market traction. Such actions could stifle innovation and escalate costs for users, according to the EU Commission.

In response, Microsoft has pledged full compliance with the ongoing investigation, committing to resolve any issues the Commission identifies. The company argues that integrating Teams into Office has boosted productivity and made communication more efficient.

“Having unbundled Teams and taken initial interoperability steps, we appreciate the additional clarity provided today and will work to find solutions to address the Commission‘s remaining concerns”, Microsoft President said in a prepared statement.

Nonetheless, the outcome of this investigation could lead to substantial changes in Microsoft's business operations and competitive tactics in the software industry.

Wider Impact on Tech Regulation

The EU´s examination is part of a broader initiative by the EU to scrutinize the practices of major tech companies and maintain competitive markets. Regulatory bodies have been increasingly vigilant, working to curb monopolistic practices by dominant tech firms and protect consumer rights.

The investigation into Microsoft could set a benchmark for how tech companies are allowed to bundle services, potentially leading to stricter regulatory frameworks.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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