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iFixit Praises Surface Pro 11 and Surface Laptop 7 Repairability with High 8/10 Score

According to iFixit, the Surface line of devices have performed "a stunning and swift U-turn from unrepairable to very repairable".


iFixit has awarded the Surface Pro 11 and Surface Laptop 7 high repairability ratings, scoring 8 out of 10. This is a dramatic improvement compared to the first , which was notoriously challenging to repair and received a score of 0 from the repair experts.

iFixit is an American and how-to website that sells repair parts and publishes free online repair guides for consumer electronics and gadgets that have gained high popularity online.

Streamlined Disassembly in New Surface Lineup

According to iFixit, “the Surface Laptop 7 is an astonishingly repair friendly device, almost the antithesis of the original Surface Laptop”.

's hardware team has been pushing for improved repairability over the past several years. The Surface Laptop 7, inspired by the Framework 13's user-friendly design, made its service manuals available simultaneously with the device's release—a rare industry move.

The Surface Pro 11 features QR codes and Wayfinder markers to assist users during disassembly. To access its battery, the Surflink cable and thermal system must first be removed. Non-magnetic screws securing the Surflink port add ease to reassembly tasks.

iFixit praises how straightforward it is to replace the Surface Laptop 7's fan, comparing it to the MSI GS65, where fan access requires removing the motherboard and entire cooling system. This marks a noteworthy enhancement in Microsoft's approach to making their products more repairable.

“A special mention should be made of how most components are accessible without the need to remove additional layers. Need to replace the battery? No problem, it's just a few screws and a bracket. What if you need to clean the fan? Easy. Just peel back the Surflink cable and undo three screws.”

For the Surface Laptop 7, Microsoft has designed a simpler disassembly method. Users just need to remove a magnetically attached plate and a few screws to access the internal components. The inclusion of QR codes for repair guides and screw markings, branded as “Wayfinders,” simplifies component replacement tasks.

Surface Pro 11 Repairability

The Surface Pro 11, although requiring screen removal for disassembly, maintains a user-friendly approach. Battery replacement is somewhat more involved, involving extra layers of hardware, but provided guides help streamline the process. Storage upgrades are made easy with a small magnetic lid situated under the kickstand.

Microsoft has shifted gears remarkably, moving from a history of poorly repairable devices to models that are easy to fix. This effort does not come at the cost of the devices' sleek design, ensuring usability remains intact. iFixit says about the Surface Pro 11:

“Overall, we were extremely pleased with Microsoft's continued commitment to repairability. The Surface line of devices have performed such a stunning and swift U-turn from unrepairable to very repairable that we can't help but be impressed, even if they don't score a perfect 10/10.”

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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