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California Governor Newsom Seeks Legislative Support for School Phone Ban

California is looking into legislation led by Governor Newsom to ban phones from schools, amid a push for a nationwide ban.


California Governor Gavin Newsom is collaborating with state legislators to impose limits on smartphone use during school hours. His objective is to help students concentrate on their , minimizing distractions from their devices.

Newsom targets August for implementing these limits, making align with other states already enforcing similar rules. California's unique position as the most populous state and tech hub makes this effort particularly significant. In 2019, Newsom signed a bill that granted school districts the power to regulate or ban smartphone use during school time. Now, he is pushing for more comprehensive statewide regulations.

Broader Context and Related Actions

This initiative is part of a broader campaign to mitigate smartphone-related issues such as cyberbullying and body image concerns. Schools are crucial in this discussion, with worries about students being sidetracked by their phones during class. During 2022, Newsom passed a law mandating companies to bolster protections for minors, including curtailing data collection and sales. He has also wrote an open letter calling for tech companies to cease opposing these protective measures.

Newsom emphasized the importance of removing from schools. On Tuesday, he stated, “When kids are at school, their attention should be on learning—not on their phones.” He has indicated a commitment to work with legislators to enforce these restrictions by August, noted initially by Politico.

Federal and State-Level Actions

This initiative follows a recent recommendation by the US Surgeon General for Congress to impose warning labels on social media due to mental health risks for teens. Although federal legislative progress has been slow, states like Florida and Indiana have already passed laws curbing smartphone use in schools. Furthermore, the Los Angeles Unified School District has decided to formulate policies prohibiting cell phone and social media use throughout the school day.

In a previous effort, Newsom challenged the tech sector to withdraw a lawsuit against a child protection law. “It's imperative for the tech industry to stop hindering essential protections for our children and start collaborating with us to ensure their safety,” he asserted. This recent push to limit smartphone use in schools is part of his broader strategy to enhance the welfare of children in an increasingly digital environment.

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