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Microsoft Dev Home Preview: SSH Keychain and Accessibility Improvements

Dev Home 0.15 preview for Windows improves SSH key management and introduces Project Ironsides to help diagnose application issues.


has introduced the latest preview version 0.15 of its Dev Home application, compatible with and . This update adds various features and enhancements, most notably improvements to the SSH keychain widget and the unveiling of Project Ironsides, aimed at simplifying the process of diagnosing and resolving application issues.

SSH Keychain and Project Ironsides

The SSH keychain widget, essential for managing secure shell keys, has undergone significant updates to improve its capabilities. Project Ironsides, a newly added feature, assists developers in identifying and fixing application problems more effectively, thus improving software reliability and performance.

The update also addresses accessibility improvements, ensuring the application is easier to use for developers with disabilities. Various bugs have been fixed, enhancing overall stability and performance.

Machine Configuration Tool Enhancements

The machine configuration tool now includes additional WinGet Desired State Configuration (DSC) integration. Users can generate configuration files post-setup and locate configuration files within a repository after cloning. A new summary and detailed view for running configuration files offers a more comprehensive overview.

An experimental Quickstart Playground feature is now available, allowing developers to quickly start a development project with AI assistance. Additionally, a unified view for creating, connecting, and configuring various environment types, such as Hyper-V virtual machines and Microsoft Dev Boxes, is now accessible through the Dev Home Azure extension.

Windows Customization and Background Processes

New Windows customization options include settings for tweaking File Explorer and insights on Dev Drive volumes, offering performance enhancement suggestions. Another experimental feature, Quiet background processes, postpones certain background tasks to free up resources for development tools, running sessions for up to two hours and providing a summary of CPU usage afterward.

Project Ironsides collects detailed application information, including process ID, window handle, loaded modules list, and real-time data from sources like Event Log, crash dumps from Windows Error Reporting, and Event Tracing for Windows. This data is analyzed for known failure patterns, providing actionable recommendations for addressing issues.

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