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Microsoft Loop Gets Workspace Link-Sharing Capability

The new feature allows users to generate workspace links that can be distributed easily.


In a bid to enhance user collaboration, has upgraded Loop with a new link-sharing option. The new feature aims to make the addition of new users to workspaces more efficient, countering the previous, less convenient method that demanded individual invitations.

Sharing in Loop now allows users to generate workspace links that can be distributed easily, facilitating access through platforms such as Teams and Outlook.

Link Sharing for Loop Workspaces

The new link-sharing feature is accessible through Loop's web-based interface as well as and iOS apps but requires an Azure Active Directory login. Guest users still need to be added manually using their name or email, and the feature does not support personal Microsoft accounts or workspaces set up during the Loop Private Preview phase.

How to Share Loop Workspaces

To share a Loop workspace, users should navigate to the Share button situated at the top right of the interface. Then, selecting the Workspace option reveals the Workspace Link segment.
Microsoft Loop workspaces share official

By clicking Copy Link, users can then share the link via email, Microsoft Teams, or other supported communication tools. The Pending Members section tracks how many users have clicked on the link, and users can manage these requests by accepting or rejecting them individually or approving all with a single action.
Microsoft Loop workspaces share copy link official

No Alerts for Pending Members

A limitation is the lack of notifications for pending members. Users will not be alerted when there are pending join requests or when they have been accepted into a workspace. Microsoft encourages the community to provide feedback on this feature via the app's Help button, using the hashtag #WorkspaceLinks in their comments.

To ensure system stability, Microsoft is releasing this update progressively. Delays might occur for some users as the company aims to avoid any potential disruptions.

Microsoft invites users to share their thoughts on this new link-sharing functionality, aiming to further refine the Loop experience. Feedback can be submitted through the app's Help section.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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