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Microsoft Boosts Arm Gaming with Windows 11 24H2 Update

The Windows 11 24H2 update improves gaming with an x86/x64 emulator (Prism) for wider game compatibility and anti-cheat support.


has rolled out the Windows 11 24H2 update preview to Insiders, specifically targeting Arm-based Copilot+ computers. The update seeks to improve gaming capabilities and app functionality. Notably, the introduction of the Prism emulator allows translation of x86 or x64 code into the architecture. This enables a broad range of existing games to run on Arm devices without needing developers to recompile their code.

During a demonstration, Baldur's Gate 3 was shown operating on a Qualcomm Snapdragon X PC via the Prism emulator. The performance is not flawless but commendable within an emulation context.

Enhanced Anti-Cheat Support

The 24H2 update also brings extensive anti-cheat support to Arm devices. Anti-cheat systems like Denuvo, Wellbia, and BattlEye are now compatible with Arm-based PCs, ensuring a secure gaming environment for Copilot+ users.

BattlEye, a prominent anti-cheat solution, is now supported on Arm devices, which means games dependent on this service are now compatible. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege was demonstrated running with BattlEye on an Arm device, highlighting this new capability.

Automatic Super Resolution and Performance Insights

Additionally, the update introduces Automatic Super Resolution (AutoSR), which enhances game visuals by automatically increasing resolution. The feature aims to provide improved gaming experiences with minimal manual input. Microsoft has detailed these updates on its developer website, including a video showcase and insights into the optimizations and performance improvements brought by the update.

The 24H2 update is available in preview for devices such as the 11th edition Surface Pro and other X-equipped products. The Prism engine now achieves speeds up to 20% faster, enabling smoother gameplay with minimal performance trade-offs. Depending on the game and the onboard GPU, frame rates on Arm PCs can reach up to 30-60 FPS within the emulation context.

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