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Instagram Users Can Now Limit Live Streams to Close Friends

Instagram is now offering a more private and controlled way to share with a select group of up to 3 friends.


has introduced a feature allowing users to restrict their live streams to a designated Close Friends list. The addition – announced by Meta on X – aims to offer better privacy and control, creating a more personal sharing environment by limiting viewers to selected friends.

Close Friends List for Live Streams

The newest update lets users limit their live stream audience to those marked as Close Friends. Up to three individuals from this group can also join the broadcast. Instagram notes that this can be beneficial for activities such as planning events, finalizing group projects, or casual chats with friends. Influencers might find this feature useful for hosting exclusive sessions that could potentially generate income.

To utilize this upgrade, users need to tap the “+” icon to start a post, move to the live option, and select “Close Friends” at the top before commencing the live stream. This ensures the interaction remains confined to a predefined audience, enhancing privacy and control.

Increasing Privacy Controls

Since November, Instagram has included options to limit the reach of posts and Reels to Close Friends. The popularity of private connection methods like DMs, Close Friends, and Notes reflects this trend. The platform has also added the ability to post a video as a note, temporarily replacing the profile picture, and integrated confetti effects for birthday wishes triggered by specific keywords.

Additionally, Instagram now allows users to include music in carousel posts containing videos. Previously, music could only be added to photo-only carousels. This change provides users with more ways to create engaging and dynamic content, enhancing the overall user experience.

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