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Snapchat Enhances AR with New AI Tools for Lens Creation

Snapchat has unveiled real-time AR transformations. Users can type a prompt and get a custom AR experience.


Snapchat has announced the development of a sophisticated on-device AI model designed to enable real-time augmented reality (AR) transformations. The cutting-edge technology will allow users to convert simple text prompts into custom AR lenses, altering their environments and clothing in an instant. The feature is expected to roll out to users in the upcoming months, with creators getting access later this year.

Instantaneous AR Changes

The AI model seamlessly transforms user settings and attire based on text inputs. For instance, a prompt like “50s sci-fi film” can immediately change both the user's surroundings and their outfit. A GIF demonstrating these transformations shows the potential for vivid and imaginative AR experiences.

In a bid to simplify the creation of custom AR effects, is also introducing a suite of new tools targeting AR creators. The latest Lens Studio update includes new face effects options that let creators generate lenses by simply writing prompts or uploading images. One notable Immersive ML feature provides realistic transformations of the user's face, body, and surrounding environment in real-time.

Enhanced Lens Studio Features

The revamped Lens Studio offers tools that generate 3D assets from text or images, create face masks and textures, and develop 3D characters that replicate the user's facial expressions. These capabilities are part of Snapchat's strategy to provide creators with sophisticated tools for AR content innovation.

In the past year, Snapchat has rolled out several AI-driven features, including AI-generated snaps for subscribers and a ChatGPT-powered chatbot for all users. These initiatives highlight Snapchat's focus on embedding AI technologies into its platform to boost user engagement and spark creativity.

Generative AI Technology

Snapchat's latest innovations enable phone cameras to produce more realistic AR lenses. The enhancement aims to help Snapchat better compete with other platforms. Known for pioneering AR technology by adding digital effects to real-world images or videos, Snapchat is banking on advanced AR lenses to attract both new users and advertisers.

Earlier this month, announced it was integrating Snapchat AR features into Skype chats. Leveraging Snap's Camera Kit SDK,  introduces features such as text overlays on photos and videos, a variety of filters, and masks. These additions are designed to make interactions with friends and family more engaging. 

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