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Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Reveals New VR Headset with Military Focus

Palmer Luckey unveiled a military VR headset at AWE. The device focuses on robust design and open collaboration.


Palmer Luckey, known for founding Oculus and Anduril, has presented a new VR headset at the Augmented World Expo, primarily aimed at military applications, but also open to broader use cases.

The headset, currently in the early stages of development, is being crafted to meet stringent military requirements. While detailed specifications were not provided, Luckey indicated it would be robust and technologically advanced. The design may also be adapted for civilian use in the future.

Seeking Collaborators and Suppliers

By revealing the project early, Luckey hopes to connect with potential collaborators and suppliers. He emphasized the importance of open collaboration in realizing the project's goals.

The initiative comes from Anduril, Luckey's company focused on leveraging technology for defense applications. Anduril has gained recognition for offering rapid and economical solutions compared to traditional defense contractors. The VR headset aligns with the company's innovative approach.

Potential Civilian Applications

Although the main target is military use, Luckey mentioned the potential for adapting the headset for enterprise purposes such as training and education. He noted that integration with consumer VR platforms like Horizon OS or SteamVR is not planned.

An event photo showing Luckey with Darshan Shankar, the founder of Bigscreen, and their respective VR —the Oculus Rift development kit and Bigscreen Beyond—provides a visual contrast of past and present VR technologies, hinting at what Luckey's new product could offer.

After founding in 2012, the company was sold to Meta (then Facebook) in 2014 for over $2 billion. Following his exit from Meta, spurred by political controversies, Luckey launched Anduril, which has now achieved a multi-billion dollar valuation. This new headset project showcases his continued influence in both VR and defense tech fields.

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