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C12 Secures €18M for Quantum Research and Development

C12 will use €18 million in funding to build universal computers using carbon nanotubes. They aim to achieve high-fidelity quantum operations.


Paris-based C12 has successfully raised €18 million to propel its efforts in universal quantum computing. Originating from the Physics Laboratory of the École Normale Supérieure, the company's primary focus is on constructing quantum computers utilizing carbon nanotubes.

Advancing Quantum Operations

The startup's research efforts are concentrated on achieving high-fidelity quantum operations between distant spin qubits connected by a communication bus. The company has joined the Proqcima initiative, driven by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces and the French Secretary General for Investment, which intends to produce two French-designed prototypes of universal quantum computers by 2032.

The funding round attracted participation from Varsity Capital, EIC Fund, and Verve Ventures, along with continued backing from 360 Capital, Bpifrance, and BNP Paribas Développement. Matthieu Desjardins, CTO and co-founder of C12, emphasized the importance of demonstrating long-distance entanglement between qubits, a step expected to significantly reduce quantum computation times.

Company Milestones

Established a few years ago, C12 has made strides in mitigating noise that affects qubit quality. With an initial seed round of around €9 million raised in 2021, the company inaugurated its Quantum Fab in October 2023. Located in central Paris, this facility is equipped with production workshops and a cleanroom, integral for developing quantum semiconductor chips.

The Quantum Fab's launch in Paris marks a pivotal development, equipped to support the production of quantum processors. This facility includes workshops and a cleanroom necessary for manufacturing high-quality semiconductor chips, foundational to quantum computers.

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