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Microsoft Mesh for Teams Adds AI Avatars and Virtual Meeting Spaces

A new AI tool that scans user photos to provide suggested avatars, virtual meeting room will allow to mirror a large conference facility


is bringing updates to its Mesh feature in Microsoft Teams, introducing AI-generated avatars and new environments for virtual meetings. These additions are designed to improve the experience for hybrid and remote workers.

Microsoft Mesh is a cloud-based platform designed for mixed-reality collaboration, available both as an application and a service. It integrates with Microsoft 365, enabling individuals in various locations, using a range of devices, to engage and work together in a unified, immersive environment.

Simplifying Avatar Customization with AI

Customizing avatars has often been seen as overly complex for users. Microsoft is addressing this by piloting a new AI tool that scans user photos to provide suggested avatars. The artificial intelligence-based tool will match facial characteristics, hairstyle, and accessories, offering three different avatar options. The feature will be publicly previewed starting in June. Microsoft writes:
“AI algorithms will analyze the visual features in your submitted photo to predict the best possible matches for your face shape, hair, eyewear, and facial hair. These best matches are combined to create three avatar options for you to choose from.”
Microsoft Mesh AI-Enabled Avatar Creation official

Alongside AI avatars, Microsoft is unveiling a virtual meeting room that mirrors a large conference facility. This space allows avatars to interact dynamically during meetings, promoting a more engaging experience. Users will gain access to this feature in June through the public preview.

Enhanced Visual Perspectives and Personal Boundaries

Microsoft is also set to improve Mesh for Teams with enhanced tools for customizing virtual events. The updates will simplify event arrangement and object placement and provide templates to help presenters engage more effectively. By early July, presenters can monitor audience reactions across multiple rooms and move between spaces to interact with smaller groups.

By June, a new space designed for workshops, brainstorming, and orientation sessions will enter public preview. Mesh users will be able to choose from first-person, third-person, and wide-angle views. Users can access these spaces via the View menu in Teams meetings from PCs or Meta Quest VR , with Mac support rolling out later. Other enhancements will include improved personal boundary settings and new emotes, fostering better communication.
 Microsoft Mesh event editing feature

Microsoft plans to launch updates in August to enhance the readability of shared content like PowerPoint during Mesh meetings. New features like room hopping and event link revisits will also be introduced. These updates continue Microsoft's efforts to refine Mesh's functionality and user experience.

Mesh in Teams became broadly available in January, aiming to boost engagement for remote and hybrid teams worldwide. Initial avatar features included more realistic skin options and expanded choices for facial and body customization, hairstyles, and skin tones.

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 12:03 pm CEST

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