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Microsoft Addresses New Windows 11 Photos App Bug and Other Issues

The Microsoft Photos app won't open for some Windows 11 users due to a policy conflict with non-admin app install restrictions.


has flagged a recent issue with its Photos app, which fails to open when certain non-admin-based group policies or Configuration Service Provider (CSP) policies are in place. This problem appeared following an update to the Photos app, starting with version 2024.11050.29009.0, deployed after June 4, 2024.

A Configuration Service Provider (CSP) acts as an intermediary between configuration settings on a device and settings specified in a provisioning document. In simpler terms, it allows you to manage settings on a device using a separate file or program.

Details on Affected Policies and Errors

The problem surfaces when the BlockNonAdminUserInstall CSP policy or its Group Policy counterpart, preventing non-admin users from installing packaged , is enabled. Users encountering this may see a spinning circle before the app closes immediately. For those using the Procmon monitoring tool, this error is reported as “Access Denied,” with an exit status code of -2147024891.

This bug primarily impacts users running versions 23H2 and 22H2. According to Microsoft, home users are less likely to be affected since the relevant policies are uncommon in home settings. A fix is under development and will be rolled out in an upcoming update.

Other Issues Under Review

Besides the Photos app complication, Microsoft is looking into additional problems affecting Windows users. These include a high CPU usage issue tied to the Phone Link app and a OneDrive bug where shared folders mistakenly become internet shortcuts. Investigations are ongoing, and solutions are being worked on.

Microsoft has documented these problems on its Windows health dashboard website, providing instructions and updates to users experiencing these issues. The company's priority remains addressing these bugs to enhance user experience.

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