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Alleged AMD Data Breach Under Investigation

AMD is checking a potential data breach by "IntelBroker". The hacker claims to have stolen employee and product information.


AMD is scrutinizing reports of a possible supposedly conducted by a hacker named “IntelBroker.” This individual claims to have obtained sensitive information such as future product plans, employee data, and customer details. According to BleepingComputer. the company is coordinating with law enforcement and a third-party host to examine the legitimacy and reach of the claimed breach.

Details of the Alleged Breach

According to IntelBroker, the data was sourced from AMD's website earlier in the month. The hacker is allegedly looking to sell this information on various online platforms. AMD has acknowledged the situation in a statement, confirming their awareness of the hacker's assertions. “We are aware of a cybercriminal organization claiming to be in possession of stolen AMD data,” the company said while saying its investigation is ongoing. 

IntelBroker has previously targeted multiple entities like Europol, The Home Depot, and the health insurance marketplace DC Health Link. This isn't an isolated incident for AMD either; the company faced similar claims in 2022 when the group RansomHouse asserted they had extracted 450GB of data. AMD's current investigation seeks to uncover the depth of this recent breach and its possible consequences.

Company's Response and Ongoing Investigation

The company is working in close collaboration with law enforcement to dive deeper into the breach's specifics and evaluate the severity of the stolen information. The ongoing probe will determine AMD's next actions in mitigating this potential cyber threat. In the meantime, DarkWebInformer on X/Twitter says the dataset is up for sale.

The tech sector is paying close attention to how AMD addresses this suspected . The investigation's results could significantly affect the company's data protection strategies and its future handling of . Outcomes from the probe will likely shape how AMD strengthens its defenses against similar occurrences going forward.

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