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Microsoft Enhances Recall After Copilot+ Delay

Despite postponing Copilot+ and the Windows 11 Recall, Microsoft continues to work on new features behind the scenes.


As we reported last week, is holding off on releasing its AI-driven Recall feature. The company is also putting the brakes on Copilot+, which was slated to launch on June 18, due to privacy concerns flagged by both security professionals and users. This delay will allow for more in-depth testing through the Windows Insider Program.

In response to the delay, Apple has voiced criticism concerning the privacy issues linked to Copilot+. Meanwhile, Microsoft is focusing on upgrading its Recall feature instead. Albacore disclosed several enhancements present in the latest Windows 11 Canary build, version 26236.5000.

Features of Screenray Utility and Recall Update

The new Screenray utility can now be activated via the Win + Shift + D shortcut, allowing users to quickly analyze on-screen content and receive translations and insights from Copilot without launching the full Recall function. The updated Recall homepage now presents a grid-like display of recent snapshots along with a new Topics section, deviating from the earlier version that created a new snapshot every time it was opened.

Recall now tags analyzed snapshots, aiding in the search for text and imagery. Users can also assign tags to their snapshot collections and filter search results by application. Enhanced Copilot integration introduces more options when interacting with snapshots, including image description, finding similar images, generating similar pictures, copying, and opening related applications.

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Rollout Plan and System Compatibility

Currently, these Recall improvements remain hidden within preview builds. Microsoft intends to make Recall available to Windows Insiders shortly, but it will require a Copilot+ PC. Users with older ARM64 devices will need external workarounds to activate the feature. Recall is exclusive to Windows Insiders for now, with no public release date confirmed.

On Thursday, Microsoft announced that Windows Recall won't be initially available on , citing the need for further testing with Windows Insiders before a wider release. The new homepage in Recall features organized displays and a new data type called topics. Previously, Recall would generate a snapshot upon launch, but now it opens with a landing page.

“Recall”, unveiled at Build 2024 is designed to give users a “photographic memory” of their PC activities by letting them revisit any app or file they have opened. The feature has, however, drawn criticism from cybersecurity experts due to its potential security risks. Microsoft has since published a document addressing how privacy is affected when using Recall. 

Kevin Beaumont, a  expert, criticized the feature in a detailed analysis on Medium. Beaumont contends that Recall suffers from a host of security issues, which could allow hackers to steal anything viewed or typed on a computer.

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