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Apple’s 2025 iPhone 17 Could Introduce Slimmer Design

Apple could redefine smartphone design with a slimmer iPhone 17, a choice that could extend across its whole product line.


appears to be gearing up for a significant redesign of the iPhone 17, slated for a fall 2025 debut. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg reports that Apple intends to deliver a much thinner device. This upcoming model will likely be priced higher than the current Pro Max and is expected to have a screen size that slots between the Pro Max and standard iPhone.

Wider Strategy for Slimmer Devices

The anticipated iPhone 17 is part of Apple's broader campaign to make their products thinner and lighter. Apple recently released a new iPad Pro in May featuring an OLED display and an M4 processor, wrapped in a 5.1mm aluminum body. Gurman points out that this trend towards sleek design could extend to future MacBook Pro and Apple Watch releases, although no specific launch dates are mentioned.

In the laptop segment, both Windows and Mac devices have long emphasized slim profiles. Mobile devices, in contrast, have focused more on bigger displays and camera advancements. If Apple succeeds with its thinner iPhone 17, it could prompt a shift in the priorities of mobile device manufacturers towards more slender .

Strategic Shift for Apple's Future

Gurman's insights suggest Apple is focusing on streamlined designs with the aid of advanced tech. A thinner iPhone 17 might set new industry expectations and influence the design approach of future mobile devices. Apple has often taken a leading role in design innovation while never being a front-runner in terms of new technology. 

Creating thinner devices encompasses more than just visual appeal; it involves noteworthy technological integrations. The new , for example, demonstrates how Apple blends powerful hardware like the M4 processor into more compact forms. This emphasis on design and tech synergy is anticipated to be evident in the iPhone 17, potentially guiding broader industry trends.

As Apple continues to innovate, consumer expectations are likely to shift. A slimmer iPhone 17 could redefine user expectations for mobile device aesthetics and performance, potentially setting a new trend towards more lightweight and compact tech products across the sector.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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