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Adobe Acrobat Integrates Firefly AI-Powered Image Tools

Acrobat adds a new Generate Image tool with Generative Fill, Remove Background, Erase, and Crop.


has expanded its Acrobat PDF application, introducing AI-driven features for creating and editing images, reinforcing its role in comprehensive PDF management. Utilizing Adobe's Firefly Image 3 technology, users can now generate and adjust images directly within their PDF files.

AI-Enhanced Image Tools

The new Generate Image tool allows users to create AI-generated images tailored to specific styles and dimensions needed for their documents. The Edit Image function now includes several tools, such as Generative Fill, Remove Background, Erase, and Crop, which facilitate the enhancement and refinement of images by removing unnecessary elements.

Acrobat's AI Assistant has also improved, enabling it to recognize themes and patterns across multiple documents and compile and format information with citations.

The AI Assistant's new feature for summarizing meetings focuses on highlighting critical points and action items clearly. Released in February, the initial AI Assistant offered document summaries and a chatbot for content questions. An upcoming update will enhance its ability to manage and query multiple documents, including formats beyond PDFs like Word and PowerPoint, through a drag-and-drop .

Adobe says its models are built with workplace safety and privacy in mind, minimizing inappropriate content and privacy violations. The company was forced to revise its terms of service to ensure user content is not utilized for AI training without consent after a user backlash. Third-party LLM providers do not have access to user data, Adobe assures.

Launch Timeline and Pricing

From June 18 to 28, 2024, the AI Assistant will be accessible for free for all users. Following this period, it will be available at a rate of $5 per month, positioning it as an economical alternative to services like Plus or Gemini Advanced, which are priced at $20 per month. Individual Acrobat Standard and Pro users will receive 250 generative credits per month at no extra cost for a limited time.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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