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OpenAI Explores Benefit Corporation Model Amid Investor Pressure

Switching to a benefit corporation status could ease OpenAI's path to an IPO.


CEO has indicated that is mulling over the idea of transforming into a for-profit benefit corporation, according to The Information. This potential transition, disclosed to certain investors, might lead the way to an initial public offering (IPO) and enable Altman to secure a stake in OpenAI. The initiative would result in the nonprofit board ceding control.

The Information reports that investors have been encouraging this change, seeing opportunities for significant growth and enhanced market reach. Adopting a benefit corporation model could provide OpenAI with increased flexibility and open new avenues for strategic partnerships and investments.

This model legally requires companies to consider societal and environmental responsibilities along with profit, appealing to investors with a social conscience.

Strategic IPO and Stake Acquisition

Switching to a benefit corporation status could ease OpenAI's path to an IPO, placing it on similar standing with organizations such as Anthropic and xAI. The move to transform the legal status of OpenAI is being considered to attract more funding and speed up the development of its artificial intelligence technologies.

Currently, OpenAI has an estimated valuation of $86 billion, and this shift might allow Altman to gain a notable financial interest, aligning with investor demands. The OpenAI CEO has already amassed a substantial net worth of an estimated $2.8 Billion, making him more wealthy than top tech CEOs like ´s Satya Nadella or ´s Tim Cook. 

The AI industry, in general, is currently experiencing major shifts, with prominent executive appointments and major collaborations between important stakeholders.

Microsoft is working on becoming more independent from OpenAI, investing heavily in the development of own AI models. The company also recently hired Google DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman to lead its AI team, and is deepening partnerships with cloud providers such as Oracle.  OpenAI on the other hand is partnering with big corporations such as Reddit, PwC, News Corp, and latest, Apple.

has hired an Instagram Co-Founder as its new chief product officer, and Emad Mostaque in March resigned as CEO of of Stability AI, probably leaving a sinking ship as the company struggles to generate money with its products.

OpenAI's potential shift to a benefit corporation status is part of this rapidly changing environment, in which companies progressively align their business strategies with ambitious objectives. 

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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