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User Reports of Slow Copilot+ PCs with Snapdragon X Elite Point to Software Issues

On Geekbench, one can find very mixed benchmark results, which could be the outcome of many different factors.


The first units of Copilot+ PCs have hit the market, but early reviews emerging on forums such as Reddit suggest underwhelming performance.

The PCs integrate AI-assisted features directly into Windows 11 to boost productivity, but first user reports point to sluggish responses and compatibility issues. The AI functionalities, intended to provide seamless assistance, are said to often lag or fail to work properly, with the overall system becoming less responsive, complicating day-to-day tasks.

Reddit user cponica23 has shared a performance review of Samsung's Galaxy Book4 Edge, a Copilot+ PC powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite. The initial benchmarks suggest that the device does not meet 's performance claims for its latest Windows PCs.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge Really Fall Short in Benchmarks

Qualcomm set expectations with projected scores of around 3,000 for single-core and over 15,000 for multi-core tests. However, the Galaxy Book4 Edge, equipped with the Snapdragon X Elite, reported lower scores of 1,841 for single-core and 11,537 for multi-core. These figures are less impressive when compared to 's A14 processors from 2020.

We checked ourselves at Geekbench, finding much better results for the Galaxy Book4 Edge that come close to Qualcomm´s promises, ranging between 2700 and 2950 for single-core performance and sometimes even above 15000 for multi-core performance.
Geekbench Snapdragon X Elite - X1E84100 fast

The discrepancies between reported benchmark scores for the Snapdragon X Elite could be due to different versions of the CPU, which is offered in the variants X1E-84-100, X1E-80-100, and X1E-78-100.

Most Galaxy Book4 Edge models in circulation right now, appear to be powered by the X1E-84-100 variant, although you can also find some based on the X1E-80-100, but with similar benchmark scores.

Reddit user cponica23 did not disclose which exact model he purchased, but software issues are most likely slowing down his particular device.

On Geekbench, one can find even worse but unrepresentative results, which could be the outcome of many different factors: erroneous benchmarks, wrong system settings, or even individual driver or hardware issues.
Geekbench Snapdragon X Elite - X1E84100 slow

Battery Longevity and Gaming Capability

Reddit user cponica23 says the Galaxy Book4 Edge demonstrates commendable battery life, lasting a full working day, although it trails behind Apple's M2-powered MacBook Air in terms of longevity.

The Galaxy Book4 Edge reportedly holds a charge until around 22:00, whereas a Core Ultra 9 185H Zenbook Duo needs recharging by 17:00 or 18:00 when using just one screen.

Updates and Future Expectations

and Qualcomm may introduce new firmware updates to alleviate the CPU speed issues, enhancing performance. is set to begin shipping its on June 18, and further consumer feedback will be critical in assessing the overall lineup.

Although Microsoft has not yet formally addressed these early issues, the company is expected to issue updates to address the concerns raised. Potential buyers might want to hold off purchasing a Windows 11 Copilot+ PC until these issues are resolved and improvements are confirmed.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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