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Epic Games Store Leak Reveals Many Future Game Releases

The leaked games include titles from key industry players like Bethesda, Sega, Sony, and Square Enix.


A security lapse at the Store has led to the unintended exposure of several upcoming game titles, including some that have not been formally announced by major publishing houses.

EpicDB, an informal website that tracks game releases, initially detected and shared the information before it was taken offline. The compromised data, which included games listed under code names, was rapidly disseminated across forums like ResetEra by users who had accessed the information.

The breach is reminiscent of a leak from NVIDIA GeForce Now, where future releases such as “God of War,” “Ghost of Tsushima,” and others were unintentionally disclosed.

Upcoming Releases and Publisher Deals

The leaked games include titles from key industry players like , Sega, Sony, and Square Enix. Some included titles match pre-existing rumors, such as “Bioshock 4”, whereas others, like Sega's “CurlyWurly” and Bethesda's “Brownie”, appear new. Examining the file sizes and downloadable content (DLC) suggested that certain codenames could correspond with anticipated ports.

For example, “Utah” from PlayStation is speculated to refer to the PC version of “The Last of Us Part II”, corroborated by a trusted leaker who noted that development of this version has been ongoing for over six months.

The leak also mentioned Rockstar's “Semla”, fueling speculation about a possible “Red Dead Redemption” release for PC, and Square Enix's “Momo”, which is thought to indicate a “Final Fantasy IX” remake. Other noteworthy mentions include a new “Turok” game from Saber Interactive and “Metal Slug Attack Reloaded” from SNK. A project listed as “Project Batman” under Warner Bros. implies a forthcoming Batman title.

Following the discovery of the breach, Epic Games has revised its system to block third-party tools from accessing data on unpublished titles. Epic has confirmed the leak to Eurogamer and promised it will prevent similar incidents. “We released an update tonight so third-party tools can't surface any new unpublished product titles from the Epic Games Store catalogue“, an Epic Games spokesperson told Eurogamer.

Markus Kasanmascheff
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