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OpenAI’s Annual Revenue Surges to $3.4 Billion, Doubling in Six Months

Revenue has climbed from $1.6 billion in late 2023 and about $1 billion last summer.


OpenAI‘s annualized revenue has climbed to $3.4 billion, as confirmed by CEO Sam Altman to staff, reports Bloomberg. The increase highlights the extensive uptake of 's AI technologies across various industries.

The recent revenue figure, derived by annualizing the past month's earnings, shows a notable rise from $1.6 billion in late 2023 and about $1 billion last summer.

Market Competition

Despite its financial growth, OpenAI faces strong competition from many companies investing heavily in AI themselves, like or smaller ones such as Cohere, which is grappling to gain market traction.

Nonetheless, OpenAI's strong market position and AI offerings continue to draw significant business, maintaining its edge in the competitive landscape for now.

OpenAI has recently been making deals with major publishers like News Corp, The Atlantic, and Vox Media, aiming to expand data sources for cash. On the other side are several lawsuits of other publishers who claim copyright infringement by OpenAI.

has also partnered with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT 4o into its iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and Siri platforms. This partnership indicates a broader adoption and integration of AI technologies into everyday consumer products.

This deal, however, aims at further market dominance as OpenAI reportedly won´t get paid by Apple for usage. Depending on the future use of this feature, this could be a very costly strategy. 

Investor Sentiment

Investor reactions to OpenAI's achievements have been varied. Some investors are opting out of recent share sales, revealing disparate views on the future of AI investments. However, many remain positive about the company's potential. 

The company has made key leadership hires to support its expanding operations and set a course for future initiatives. On June 10, Sarah Friar, former CEO of Nextdoor, was appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Kevin Weil, former president at Planet Labs, assumed the role of Chief Product Officer (CPO). These additions aim to enhance the company's strategic planning and operational efficiency.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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