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Microsoft Updates Copilot Dashboard with New Business Features

The Copilot Dashboard now brings more business AI analytics tools to the Copilot for Microsoft 365 suite.


recently introduced a suite of updates to its Copilot Dashboard, an interface tailored for enterprises employing the Copilot assistant. These updates aim to provide more granular insights into employee engagement with .

Among the new features is a tracking tool that records the number of hours Copilot has assisted employees over a 28-day span. Businesses can also view data for specific periods within this timeframe, such as between March 31 and April 27. This enriched data tracking seeks to offer a clearer picture of Copilot's effect on employee productivity.

Addition of Trendline Views and Delegate Access

Starting in late July 2024, the Copilot Dashboard will also include six-month trendline views on its Adoption and Impact pages. The Adoption page will present trends in Copilot usage over the past six months, allowing for filters based on the number and percentage of active Copilot users, as well as employees holding Copilot licenses. These trendlines aim to give a long-term perspective on Copilot's integration within an organization.

Additionally, by the end of June, the platform will support delegate access. This will allow leaders to extend dashboard access to head administrators or other chosen personnel, enabling them to analyze the same user data. The introduction of delegation is expected to make it easier for various roles within an organization to manage and assess Copilot usage data.

Enhanced Insights with Viva Insights Templates

On top of these enhancements, Microsoft's Viva Insights will soon feature new Adoption and Impact Power BI (PBI) templates by the end of June. These templates will offer a more detailed examination of how employees are adopting Copilot and the AI assistant's impact on their job performance.

Utilizing these templates should enable companies to gain more refined insights into Copilot's usage and its benefits for workplace efficiency. As part of the Microsoft 365 suite, the Copilot Dashboard is evolving with these updates, aimed at equipping businesses with better tools to optimize AI-assisted workflows.

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