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MS Paint AI Cocreator Now “Open to All” Windows 11 Users, Provided You Have a Microsoft Account

Cocreator, the AI art model in Microsoft Paint, is now available to all Windows 11 users but there are requirements.


is expanding its AI-powered Cocreator feature in MS Paint to all users, following an initial release to Windows Insiders in September 2023. Accompanying this broader rollout are comprehensive guidelines outlining what users need to access the feature. It seems users need a Microsoft Account to access the AI Paint feature. 

Requirements and Specs

To activate the Cocreator feature, users will need a Microsoft Account (MSA) and a PC with a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that can handle at least 40 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second). This functionality is restricted to + certified PCs, which start at a price point of $1,099 and were launched by Microsoft earlier this year.

According to the support documentation, users must be signed in to their Microsoft account and have an active internet connection. The cloud connectivity is crucial for enabling the AI feature while the NPU handles local image generation, offering users the ability to create an unlimited number of images. While this may be annoying, it is worth remembering that a Microsoft Account is necessary to install Windows 11 too. 

Operational Guide

To utilize the Cocreator, users must update the app from the Microsoft Store to its latest version. Additionally, the PC must meet all Copilot+ standards and be connected to the internet. Detailed setup instructions can be found in the official support document provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft Paint's Cocreator merges textual commands and visual templates to create images, thereby simplifying the artistic process. This integration offers users an intuitive experience, enabling the creation of visuals that suit their specific requirements. Users can also tailor the style of their generated images, selecting from various options such as digital art, watercolor, and oil painting. This range allows for diverse artistic outputs, suited to different tastes and needs.

Content Moderation and Data Privacy

To ensure responsible use of AI, Microsoft employs Azure services for content filtering. This measure aims to block the production of harmful, offensive, or inappropriate material, safeguarding users' experiences.

Microsoft collects device and user identifiers, along with prompts, to monitor and prevent misuse, but it does not store the actual user inputs or generated images. Despite this, the data collection raises privacy issues, a concern magnified by Microsoft's recent move to require a Microsoft account for Windows 11 setup.

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