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Microsoft Forms Update Brings Multi-Recipient Notifications

Forms now allows both individuals and groups to receive notifications for form responses, enhancing collaborative use.


Microsoft has introduced a new update to its Forms platform, enabling form owners to assign multiple recipients for email notifications. This enhancement is designed to facilitate improved collaboration by making sure relevant stakeholders are promptly notified when form responses are submitted.

Microsoft Forms is a web-based application within the Microsoft 365 suite designed for creating surveys, quizzes, and polls. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly build and share forms, gather responses in real time, and analyze the collected data through integrated analytics tools. Ideal for educational, business, and personal use, Microsoft Forms supports branching logic, customization, and integration with other Microsoft services like Excel, enhancing versatility and functionality.

Expanded Email Notifications in Microsoft Forms

In Forms, previously, only the individual who created the form would receive email notifications upon receiving responses. The recent update now allows form owners to include additional recipients, such as groups. Form administrators can configure this by navigating to the Microsoft Forms settings, selecting the “Get email notification of each response” option, and inputting the names and email addresses of the additional recipients.

Following a form submission, everyone on the designated “Response receipts” list gets an email notification. Recipients can click “view results” to access the response page or sync the data to Excel for real-time updates, eliminating the need to revisit the Forms site. Removing a recipient is straightforward: simply access the settings, click the “” icon next to the recipients list, and use the trash can icon to remove the necessary names.

These updates apply to both forms and quizzes, ensuring that all relevant parties remain informed. This feature is particularly valuable in educational environments for notifying multiple instructors of quiz results and in corporate settings for keeping team members updated on survey responses.

For users who leave the organization or no longer need notifications, form owners can easily remove them from the notification list by accessing the “” icon next to the recipients list and clicking the trash can icon.

Other New Functionalities and Updates

Alongside the email notification upgrade, Microsoft Forms has introduced several new features aimed at enhancing user experience. One notable addition is the ability to generate pre-filled links, allowing users to share forms with pre-populated answers, thus simplifying the response process.

Earlier this year, Forms added support for the Microsoft Copilot AI assistant, which helps users generate new questions or rewrite existing ones, streamlining the creation of comprehensive and effective forms.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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