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Microsoft Integrates Copilot AI into Legacy Outlook App

Integrating Copilot AI into the classic Outlook app is aims to streamline email handling and boost productivity.


has rolled out its Copilot AI assistant to the classic version of Outlook for Windows. This move aims to bring advanced AI features to the familiar email client, enhancing both functionality and user efficiency. By automating routine tasks, users can direct their attention to more important work activities. 

Notable Copilot AI Capabilities for Outlook

The “Summarize” feature is particularly noteworthy, as it provides a concise summary of extensive email . Users can access this by clicking a button located at the top right of an open email.
Classic Outlook for Windows Copilot summarize official

Additionally, the “Coaching” feature offers real-time advice on composing emails, and the “Draft” feature can create complete emails from brief prompts, allowing users to make final edits as needed.
Classic Outlook for Windows Coaching by Copilot official

Microsoft first demonstrated in Outlook at the Ignite 2023 event. The “Summarize” feature is available in build 16.0.17028.10000 for Current Channel and Monthly Enterprise Channel users. The “Coaching” feature, accessible via the Copilot icon in the ribbon, is included in build 16.0.17231.20182. The “Draft” feature, capable of tweaking the length and tone before generating a draft, is available in build 16.0.17425.20174.

A Copilot for Microsoft 365 license is required to use these features in Outlook. Microsoft is encouraging users to provide feedback to help fine-tune the AI assistant's performance.

Upcoming Enhancements and Rollout Schedule

Microsoft plans to further extend Copilot's functions within the classic Outlook app. Starting in June, users on the Current Channel will get access to the Copilot for Microsoft 365 chat experience, with those on the Monthly Enterprise Channel following in August. This will allow for drafting emails, asking questions, summarizing multiple email threads, and integrating with enterprise data from various sources directly within the Outlook interface.

New AI features for the classic Outlook app will become available between three to twelve months after being introduced on other Outlook platforms, such as the new Windows app and the web version. Eventually, these features will also be available on Mac and mobile versions.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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