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Apple’s Partnership with OpenAI Does Not Involve Cash, Despite ChatGPT Integration

Apple's integration of ChatGPT into its devices is free and involves no cash to OpenAI. Both brands see the deal as a chance for market growth.


As we reported this week, revealed that OpenAI's ChatGPT will be integrated into iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. This announcement came from CEO Tim Cook at the WWDC 2024 event, outlining plans to bolster Siri and other artificial intelligence applications on Apple devices. It has now emerged that Apple won't be making any direct monetary payments to . Instead, the collaboration emphasizes strategic benefits and enhanced user engagement.

Enhancing AI Capabilities and Improving User Interactions

By embedding , Apple aims to offer more sophisticated conversational AI features that could reshape user interactions with its devices. This move to incorporate OpenAI's technology seeks to provide users with a more dynamic and effective experience.

Bloomberg reports that Apple's partnership is not a cash deal. OpenAI's association with Apple's extensive user base is seen as a valuable opportunity for brand exposure. The partnership is not anticipated to produce immediate significant revenue, but it enables both companies to leverage mutual strengths.

Mutual Benefits for Apple and OpenAI

For Apple, the inclusion of ChatGPT boosts the functionality and attractiveness of its devices, which could appeal to more users. OpenAI gains a notable platform to exhibit its AI, thereby reinforcing its standing in the market. It's a strategic alliance focused on long-term gains rather than immediate financial returns.

While ChatGPT will be freely accessible on Apple devices, potential revenue could be generated by converting free users into paid subscribers. Apple will receive a portion of these subscription revenues, thanks to transactions processed through its payment systems.

Non-Exclusive Collaboration with Potential for Expansion

This partnership with OpenAI is not exclusive. Apple is simultaneously discussing similar integrations with and , suggesting that more AI-driven features could be introduced to its product lineup in the future.

was an instant critic of the deal, raising questions about the security implications of this partnership, prompting Apple to provide an opt-out option for users concerned about privacy. This aims to balance enhanced AI functionalities with user control over their data and interactions.

OpenAI's Growth and Financial Forecast

OpenAI's CEO has suggested that the company's revenue can reach $3.4 billion annually, an increase from $1.6 billion in late 2023. The collaboration with Apple is expected to support further market expansion and financial success for OpenAI. Yesterday I reported that as OpenAI's valuation soars to $80bn, ex and current employees are questioning where all the money is going and have equity concerns. 

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