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OpenAI CTO Defends Apple Partnership Against Elon Musk’s Claims

OpenAI's Mira Murati insists privacy is a focus of the company following concerns over its AI partnership with Apple.


OpenAI's Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, has responded to Elon Musk's recent criticism of the company's new collaboration with Apple. This partnership integrates OpenAI ChatGPT chatbot technology into iPhones, which Musk has described as “creepy spyware.”

Emphasizing Privacy and Security

At Fortune's Most Powerful Women (MPW) dinner in San Francisco, Murati asserted OpenAI's dedication to user privacy and security. She assured that remains transparent with the public and prioritizes user privacy. Announced at Apple's annual developer conference, the partnership allows Apple device users to use OpenAI's AI technology for advanced queries that Apple's own AI might struggle with. Apple has stated it will not share user data with OpenAI, and OpenAI will not utilize data from Apple users for training its models despite Musk's reservations.

Addressing Musk's Criticism

CEO and former co-founder of OpenAI, , has publicly condemned the partnership. Following the announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Musk claimed he would forbid his employees from using Apple devices with the integrated technology. Musk accused Apple of compromising user data by sharing it with OpenAI. Murati dismissed these allegations, reiterating that OpenAI's privacy and security measures are robust and well-communicated to the public to alleviate such concerns.

Apple unveiled plans to embed ChatGPT in iOS 18, empowering Siri with advanced AI capabilities. Apple also hinted at potential collaborations with other AI frameworks like Google's Gemini, signaling a more extensive strategy for embedding  across its platform. These new features are set to be available on Pro 15 models and newer devices, extending AI capacities to a larger user base.

Despite Apple's assurances that any with  would require user consent, Musk is skeptical. He argues that embedding AI at this level could lead to massive data harvesting without adequate protections.

OpenAI Leadership Clarification

Murati also highlighted recent additions to OpenAI's executive team. Sarah Friar, the former CEO of Nextdoor, has taken on the role of Chief Financial Officer, while Kevin Weil, who has led product development at and , now serves as Chief Product Officer. These appointments have led to speculation about a potential initial public offering (IPO), which Murati did not confirm.

She emphasized the value that these new executives bring to OpenAI's forward strategy. Murati also addressed internal governance issues, mentioning the brief ousting of CEO Sam Altman by the board. She attributed this to governance gaps within the non-profit board structure. The new board is composed of directors with extensive experience in major companies and non-profit organizations.

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