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Microsoft Loop Adds Commenting and PDF Export Features

The addition of comments in Loop tables and boards allows users to engage in discussions directly within the app.


has rolled out updates to its Loop collaboration web application, enhancing content sharing and communication for users. The new capabilities allow commenting on Loop tables and boards, as well as printing and exporting pages in PDF format.

In , users can create a workspace and then templates with different pages. All content on pages can become a so-called Loop component for sharing across the apps that support Loop (Word for Web, Teams, Outlook, and Whiteboard).

Alternatively, you can share a page in real-time or through a link in an email. As these are real-time collaborations, all changes happen instantly and live. Whenever a component has a mention or a task is assigned, users will receive a notification. It is also possible to send messages and receive notifications for replies.

Comments for Better Communication

The addition of comments in Loop tables and boards allows users to engage in discussions directly within the app. By right-clicking on any cell in a table or a field in a board, users can select the comment option and post their remarks. Editing or deleting one's comments is possible through the comment icon and the ellipses menu, while others' comments remain unalterable to preserve discussion integrity.
Microsoft Loop New Comment official

Replying to comments is now streamlined. Users can respond to existing comments via the comment icon by entering their text or by right-clicking and selecting “New reply” from the menu. For efficiency, keyboard shortcuts are available: Ctrl+Shift+F2 on Windows and ⌘+Shift+F2 on Mac.
Microsoft Loop Reply to Comment official

Loop pages can now be printed or saved as PDF files. The “Settings and More” menu on any Loop page includes a “Print & PDF export” option. This will activate the browser's Print dialog, enabling users to print or save the page as a PDF.

These features are accessible to all Microsoft 365 members using Loop. Users can provide feedback through the Help > Give feedback option in the Loop app, ensuring Microsoft can continually refine its tools.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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