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Databricks Launches AI-Driven Visualization Tool AI/BI

In AI/BI, users can input data queries, and the tool will automatically generate a range of charts and visual representations.


Databricks Inc. has rolled out a new AI-based visualization tool designed to rival those from heavyweights like Salesforce and . This launch indicates Databricks' growing ambitions in the business intelligence domain, aiming to boost its data visualization capabilities.

The freshly released AI/BI tool streamlines data visualization through artificial intelligence. Users can input data queries, and the tool will automatically generate a range of charts and visual representations. The underlying generative AI technology speeds up the creation process, making data visualization more efficient.

The AI-based visualization tool is set to compete with offerings such as Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, Salesforce Tableau, and Einstein Analytics. Designed to streamline data visualization through AI, Databricks' tool features AI-driven dashboards and Genie, a conversational assistant, both of which utilize a composite AI system to enhance efficiency and user accessibility.

Integrated within the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, it offers comprehensive governance, secure data sharing, and robust performance without additional fees, positioning it as a cost-effective alternative in the business intelligence domain.

AI/BI Components and Features

AI/BI is built around two primary elements: Dashboards and Genie. Dashboards offer an AI-driven, low-code interface for crafting and sharing dynamic visualizations. Genie acts as a conversational assistant, answering real-time questions using natural language. Both tools leverage a composite AI system that adapts and learns from the organization's data use.

Designed to democratize business intelligence, the AI/BI tool allows all organizational members to access analytics and insights. This user-friendly approach enables even non-specialists to perform complex analytics tasks using AI-focused methods. Integrated within the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, the tool ensures comprehensive governance, secure data sharing, and strong performance across data volumes, removing the need for separate BI engines.

As one of the top ten most valuable private firms, Databricks aims for its AI/BI tool to stand toe-to-toe with existing solutions from Salesforce and Microsoft. The integration of AI promises users a more intuitive and faster way to analyze and visualize data, potentially setting new standards in the business intelligence field.

Availability and Cost Structure

AI/BI is accessible to all Databricks SQL Pro and Serverless users, with Dashboards now generally available and Genie in public preview. The tool incurs no extra licensing fees beyond warehouse compute costs, offering an economical option for businesses seeking to improve their data visualization features.

The AI/BI tool's development was significantly bolstered by Databricks' purchase of MosiacML, a company specializing in large language models last year. This acquisition fits into Databricks' wider strategy to enhance its offerings and stay ahead in the evolving data software market. Consistently prioritizing advancements, the company aims to widen its reach with cutting-edge .

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