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Apple Unveils Genmoji in iOS 18 for Unique Emoji Generation

Apple says Genmoji in iOS 18 is powered by the new Apple Intelligence AI and allows users to create their own emojis.


has introduced Genmoji in its iOS 18 update, a feature that lets users generate personalized emojis through text prompts. This addition is designed to enhance the interactive experience with AI-driven customization.

Genmoji enables users to create unique emojis by entering text descriptions. For instance, one might request an emoji depicting a “T-rex wearing a tutu on a surfboard.” Utilizing sophisticated AI algorithms, this feature interprets the text to generate corresponding graphics, thus offering a novel level of personalization.

This new feature is embedded within the Messages app, allowing users to send their custom emojis during conversations. This aims to enrich messaging by letting users express themselves more creatively.

Part of Apple Intelligence

Genmoji is included in the Apple Intelligence suite, a collection of AI-driven features spanning iOS, , and . Apple Intelligence focuses on , offering tools for personalized content creation and task automation. Genmoji highlights Apple's strategy to integrate advanced AI technologies for improved user interaction and functionality. The feature was revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024. Genmoji is scheduled to be released later this fall.

Emojis created with Genmoji can be shared in different formats, such as stickers, Tapback reactions, or in-line in messages. This flexibility enables users to integrate their personalized emojis into communications seamlessly.

Existing Emoji Catalogue

With Unicode 15.1 supporting nearly 3,800 emojis, Genmoji offers a fresh perspective by allowing the creation of entirely new designs tailored to individual preferences. Although Genmoji provides extensive customization options, there will likely be limitations on certain types of graphics, such as firearms or graphic violence, to ensure compliance with Apple's content policies.

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