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Apple Integrates ChatGPT with Siri for Smarter Assistance

Apple aims to make Siri a more intuitive and effective assistant, capable of handling complex tasks across its devices.


At WWDC 2024, unveiled an upgraded version of Siri, enhanced by its own generative AI models and ChatGPT from OpenAI. The update includes a new visual design and improved contextual recognition.

The announcement follows months of speculation about Apple's AI plans, including the development of its own large language model framework. The integration is expected later this year, while the new Siri features will enter beta testing for iOS 18 in the fall in the US.

Revamped Interface and Context Awareness

Siri's new interface features a glowing bezel and detailed response cards, set to roll out gradually over the next year. The redesigned interface enhances Siri's understanding of context, removing the need to repeat information. For example, if asked to fill a form with a driver's license number, Siri can find the image and extract the necessary details.

Users will soon be able to type their requests to Siri by double-tapping the screen. This flexibility allows users to alternate between typing and voice commands for more convenient interactions.

Apple Intelligence Siri iPhone official

ChatGPT Integration

A significant addition to Siri is the integration with 's ChatGPT, enhancing its capabilities. Siri will require user consent to access ChatGPT, ensuring user privacy. This combines Siri's functionality with ChatGPT's expertise, useful for tasks such as cooking advice.

Through what Apple calls App Intents, Siri now interacts more deeply with both native and third-party apps. Apple demonstrated Siri editing photos in the Photos app based on voice commands, and offering detailed help with Apple products, such as guiding users to schedule messages using the new feature in iOS 18.

Apple Intelligence System

Several of Siri's new features are powered by Apple Intelligence, focusing on privacy. This system enables Siri to perform actions like retrieving email information or locating images through voice commands, enhancing its utility across Apple's ecosystem.

Siri's speech recognition has also been improved, making it better at understanding commands even with hesitations. It can maintain the context of conversations, which means users can seamlessly follow up on previous requests.

Phased Device Rollout

Thee Siri enhancements, including the design update, will be gradually introduced throughout iOS 18's lifecycle, as well as on iPad and Mac devices. The phased rollout is designed to ensure smooth integration of new features.

These updates aim to revitalize Siri, which has had only incremental changes since its debut on the iPhone 4S in 2011. Apple aims to make Siri a more intuitive and effective assistant, capable of handling complex tasks across its devices.

Markus Kasanmascheff
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