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Microsoft: New Xbox Series X and S Models Announced for 2024 Holidays

Both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are getting Holiday Season updates, including diskless X models and a 2TB variant.


has introduced a trio of new versions of its Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, set for launch in the 2024 holiday period. The refreshed lineup includes a 2TB special edition, a diskless white Xbox Series X, and a white variant of the 1TB .

Special Edition Xbox Series X with 2TB Storage

The standout among these new offerings is the special edition 2TB Xbox Series X, which boasts a Galaxy Black color palette inspired by space. It incorporates silver, grey, and green highlights to evoke the universe's boundless nature. This version also includes a custom Xbox controller featuring a Galaxy Black D-pad and Velocity Green back case, retailing at $599.99 in the U.S. and €649.99 in Europe.

Moving toward a digital-focused approach, Microsoft has unveiled a white diskless version of the Xbox Series X. This model, equipped with a standard 1TB SSD, is aimed at gamers who prefer digital downloads over physical media. It will sell for $449.99 in the U.S. and €499.99 in Europe.

White 1TB Xbox Series S Returns

The 1TB Xbox Series S, initially launched in 2023, will return in a white version for the next holiday season. This model will be available at $349.99 in the U.S. and €349.99 in Europe, positioned as a budget-friendly option within the Xbox ecosystem. Microsoft will keep offering the black 1TB Xbox Series X, which includes a disk drive. Meanwhile, the 1TB Xbox Series S in black will only remain available until current inventory runs out.

All new consoles will follow Microsoft's backward compatibility principles since the company recommitted to long-term game support in April. Xbox President Sarah Bond revealed in an internal email found by Windows Central the formation of a new team dedicated to game preservation.

The creation of a dedicated game preservation team signifies a substantial commitment by Microsoft to its established principle of backward compatibility. As highlighted in Sarah Bond's communication, this team's mission is to build upon the company's well-regarded track record in this area. Additionally, Ms. Bond's message provided insights into Microsoft's ongoing endeavors to develop next-generation Xbox hardware.

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