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PowerColor´s NPU-Based Feature Cuts Power Use in Gaming by 22%

The new technology also boosts gaming performance up to 10% in frames per second (FPS).


PowerColor has unveiled a novel application for neural processing units (NPUs) in contemporary CPUs at Computex 2024, showcasing its “Edge AI” technology. The innovation pairs a graphics card with an NPU, resulting in significant reductions in power consumption during gaming.

Efficiency Gains in Popular Games

Edge AI, which blends an AMD graphics card with an NPU via the PowerColor interface, achieves remarkable power savings. For instance, in the game Cyberpunk 2077, the energy draw dropped from 263W to 205W, achieving a 22% reduction. Similarly, Final Fantasy XV experienced an 18% reduction in power usage.

PowerColor´s new technology not only saves energy but also boosts gaming performance. Attendees noted a 10% increase in frames per second (FPS) when comparing systems using NPUs to those without.

PowerColor's effort to incorporate NPUs with Radeon GPUs is still under development. The forthcoming Ryzen AI 300 Series from AMD will include dedicated AI hardware, while is eyeing similar advancements in its future chips.

Rising Importance of NPUs in Modern Computing

NPUs are gaining traction in the , drawing considerable investment from heavyweights like Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm. They offload tasks from traditional CPUs and GPUs, enhancing system efficiency. Examples include 's AutoSR upscaling on Copilot+ PCs with 's latest Snapdragon processors. Intel and AMD are integrating NPUs into their latest desktop chips, making the technology more accessible in everyday computing.

NPUs in High-End Laptops and Desktops

Since Intel introduced NPUs in Meteor Lake laptops in 2023, these units have become standard for high-end laptops, efficiently managing AI processing tasks. While desktops might not require NPUs to the same extent, the benefits in energy efficiency cannot be overlooked. AMD has recently infused NPUs into desktops with its Ryzen 8000G series but plans to exclude them from the 9000 series. The success of PowerColor's Edge AI could potentially influence future AMD or renew the presence of NPUs in desktop CPUs tailored for gaming. The timeline for the next launch of such technologies remains undetermined.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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