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Microsoft Adds AI Feature to Edge Workspaces

A new AI-based feature utilizes search queries to suggest tab groups and related websites, making it easier for users to kickstart new projects.


has equipped its Edge Workspaces with AI capabilities using Bing, enhancing the feature by offering users AI-generated suggestions to improve search organization.

AI-Driven Enhancements

Originally launched for enterprises in October 2022 and previewed for consumers by April 2023, Edge Workspaces now include AI-generated options. While conducting searches on Bing.com, users might receive prompts to create new Edge Workspaces. This AI-based feature utilizes search queries to suggest tab groups and related websites, making it easier for users to kickstart new projects. Microsoft writes on the official support page:

“If you're signed into Edge and perform a web search on Bing.com, you might see a widget on the Bing search page with an option to create a new Edge Workspace if your topic is on the limited list of queries. The limited set of queries includes Do-It-Yourself, Travel, Recipes, and Real Estate. If you choose to open the workspace, a new workspace window is generated for your topic with AI-generated relevant tabs automatically opened and organized into tab groups. Edge Workspaces does not store your search query. Bing AI-generated Edge Workspaces are being developed in accordance with Microsoft's Responsible AI (RAI) guidelines and tested to adhere to Microsoft RAI policies and RAI best practices.”

To use the AI-generated workspaces, users need to enable the “Allow Bing AI-generated workspaces” flag in the browser settings and restart Edge. This feature does not support search terms with explicit or offensive content and is limited to specific queries. Though users cannot add more AI-curated tabs once the workspace is created, they can manually include additional tabs.

User Experience and Privacy

Surfers will find it simpler to organize their online activities with AI-curated workspaces. Signed-in Edge users who search for topics like travel planning, cooking recipes, or property listings may encounter a widget offering to set up a new workspace. Upon selection, a new window opens with pre-organized tabs, each relevant to the search topic. Microsoft states that Edge Workspaces do not store search queries, adhering to their Responsible AI guidelines.

Microsoft highlights that the development of these AI-generated workspaces complies with their Responsible AI principles. This aims to ensure the tool not only aids users effectively but also prevents the generation of workspaces from harmful queries, using a balanced approach of being user-friendly while maintaining ethical standards.

With the release of Edge 125, the browser has also received visual improvements to Workspaces and enhanced copy-pasting capabilities. Users can now share their browsing sessions with peers more effectively. An update on June 6 to the Edge Workspaces support document signaled these changes, although there were no major new features announced.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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