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Wix Enhances Mobile App Development with AI Integration

Wix is expanding its AI capabilities beyond its AI chatbot website builder to a mobile app creation integration.


Wix has rolled out a new generative AI feature aimed at simplifying the development and editing of applications for iOS and Android platforms. By allowing users to describe their app requirements in plain English, this tool generates the necessary code, making the app creation process more efficient.

AI-Enhanced Development

The tool employs a chatbot-style interface to gather details about the user's objectives, preferences, and design choices. Based on this input, the AI generates native app code suitable for both iOS and Android. Users can then customize their apps further using Wix's app editor, which supports various integrations, widgets, and connectors from both Wix and third-party providers.

Wix's CEO and co-founder, Avishai Abrahami, noted that this tool fits into Wix's broader plan to offer AI-driven solutions for creating digital experiences quickly. This AI app builder follows the release of Wix's AI website generator, which allows users to build websites from simple text prompts.

Customization and Costs

The AI-driven app builder is part of Wix's premium Branded App plan, priced at $99 per month. This plan includes extensive customization options, such as branding, layout, icons, and themes. Users can preview their apps before submitting them to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Abrahami emphasized that detailed user inputs enhance the app's quality, reducing the workload for users.

While promising, some users have expressed concerns regarding the reliability of Wix's . Early users of Wix's AI site builder have reported issues like bugs and generic designs. However, Abrahami pointed out that the overall response has been positive, with hundreds of thousands of websites generated since its launch.

Market Implications

Wix's AI app builder could impact the professional market. Although competing platforms like FlutterFlow and Crowdaa also use AI for app creation, Wix's tool is deeply integrated with its existing offerings, potentially making it more attractive to its large user base. Abrahami clarified that the new tool is not meant to replace developers but offers an automated alternative for simpler projects, with professional developers still essential for more complex applications.

The AI app builder includes comprehensive security measures, such as ongoing security and penetration testing to safeguard user data. For example, a business selling “high-quality sports shoes and sneakers” can have a tailored app generated by merely describing their business to the AI.

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