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Windows 11 Gets Improved Voice Access, Task Manager and Snipping Tool

Microsoft has released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26231 to the Canary Channel with various new features, fixes and improvements.


is adding an auto-restart function for Voice Access in the Windows Insider starting with build 26231. This enhancement aims to maintain the utility's availability by automatically restarting it whenever it crashes, benefiting users who rely heavily on Voice Access without requiring manual intervention.

Microsoft highlights that this auto-restart mechanism is designed to simplify crash reporting, which should expedite the development team's investigation and resolution process. This also reduces the need for users to seek alternative methods to reactivate the service, thereby improving reliability.

Voice Access Enhancements

Using Voice Access, users can now dictate hands-free and issue commands like “speak faster“. Access to available commands has been simplified via the help icon on the Voice Access bar. These improvements support a more efficient experience for individuals with disabilities.

Voice Access now also includes the ability to directly access Windows search. Users can initiate a search by saying “Search item“, replacing “item” with the desired term. This feature aims to streamline the process and improve .

Other new Features and Changes

has various updates, such as changing the units for DDR speed from MHz to MT/s, fixing issues with USB device ejections when Task Manager is open, and enhancing the speed at which Task Manager releases process handles upon termination. Additional improvements include better performance when changing sort orders and overall accessibility enhancements, such as improved keyboard focus and screen reader compatibility.

Microsoft also announced the discontinuation of WordPad and the suspension of the rollout. The company continues to prioritize enhancing accessibility and usability across its software range, aiming for a more inclusive user experience.

An update to the app is being released in the Canary and Dev channels. Now, videos recorded using the app will automatically save to a Screen Recordings folder within the Videos folder, similar to how screenshots are saved.

Minor Changes, Fixes and Persistent Issues

The new build includes several minor updates and fixes. For example, a new copy button has been added to the Windows share dialog for sharing files, and new visuals for the “Rename your PC” and “Change date and time” dialogs are available. File Explorer has also seen improvements in icon label display for non-English languages.

Despite the enhancements, some issues remain, particularly in the Canary Channel. Certain Windows Insiders are still on older builds from January 2024, such as build 26040 on the Canary Channel and 23620 on the . Microsoft advises those facing these issues to download the latest ISO image and perform a clean installation to access the newest builds.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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