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Asana Introduces AI Teammates for Project Management

Asana says AI Teammates can enhance project management by automating tasks that humans cannot do as efficiently.


Asana has announced a new suite of AI project management tools designed to lighten the load of complex tasks. CEO Dustin Moskovitz highlighted that these AI teammates possess capabilities that can sometimes outstrip human performance in handling detailed work.

Currently, a select group of users are trialing these new AI teammates, with a broader planned for late 2024. Pricing details remain under wraps. The announcement took place at Asana's Work Innovation Summit in San Francisco, which comes seven months after the company released earlier AI-based features like a tone checker.

Demonstration of AI Capabilities

Paige Costello, Asana's Head of AI, demonstrated an AI teammate managing a request for creative assets from a marketing team. Typically, such requests involve numerous communications to clarify details. Utilizing Asana's work graph, which maps team members, projects, and data, the AI smoothly identified necessary steps, confirmed requirements, created subtasks, and looped in relevant stakeholders, effectively mirroring the actions a human would undertake.

This demonstration showed the AI's ability to expedite project progression, minimizing risks of unnecessary delays. “Instead of this ending up assigned to the person who two days later realizes they don't have what they need, it immediately is nudged back to the requester saying, ‘Hey, you've got to add more information if you want this to be acted on,'” Costello said.

Historical Context and Future Prospects

Asana was established twelve years ago, long before AI could automate intricate workflows. The platform has always aimed to boost efficiency and achieve higher-quality outcomes. While AI isn't yet capable of making all critical decisions, Moskovitz contends it can manage many overlooked processes.

You're not only saving time but also enhancing the quality and cohesion of your work,” Moskovitz noted, emphasizing that Asana's AI helps ensure thoroughness, even when tasks are executed swiftly.

AI teammates can be categorized as agents—software designed to perform tasks for humans autonomously. This idea has been discussed since at least 1998. While today's AI can technically support such agents, they are not yet an everyday reality for most. To develop these AI teammates, Asana had to make several fundamental choices, such as deciding whether agents should be friendly or more neutral and seamlessly integrating them into the existing platform without disrupting the user experience.

Select customers are currently testing Asana's AI teammates. The company anticipates making the tools available to the general public later next year, with pricing details to be announced. This gradual rollout will help Asana refine the tools based on user feedback before a wider launch.

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