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Microsoft Reopens Invites for Insiders to Test Windows 10 22H2 Features

In a surprise move, Microsoft is opening testing previews of Windows 10 22H2 despite end of support coming next year.


is once again opening the Windows 10 Beta Channel and inviting Insiders to join or switch to this channel for a new beta build in the upcoming weeks. This reintroduction marks the first Beta and Release Preview channel build available to Insiders in three years.

Users interested in experimenting with the latest features should access the . To enable this, they need to go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program, click on the current Insider Channel selection, and choose the Beta Channel. This leads to a full listing of Insider Channels and necessary settings.

Reason for Beta Channel Reopening

The Windows Insider Program team emphasizes the importance of collaborating with users to develop new features for Windows 10. Reopening the Beta Channel allows these features to be tested with the help of Insiders before they are released to the wider public in version 22H2.

Microsoft clarified that devices within the Beta Channel would not automatically update to , even if they comply with the system requirements. Upgrading to Windows 11 remains optional. However, shifting to the Canary or Dev Channels will initiate an upgrade to the latest Windows 11 build for those channels. Following a brief rollback window, returning to Windows 10 from Canary or Dev Channels will necessitate a clean installation. Devices that do not meet Windows 11 requirements are restricted from switching to these channels as they are solely for Windows 11 Insider Preview builds.

Additionally, Insiders in the Beta Channel wanting to experience new features as they are phased in can activate a toggle via Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Microsoft plans to incrementally ramp up features for users with this toggle enabled. For those who keep it off, features will be slowly introduced as they become ready.

Windows 10 version 22H2, identified as the final version, will continue to receive security updates until October 14, 2025, coinciding with the end of support for Windows 10. Valve's May 2024 survey indicates that more than half of Windows computers still run on Windows 10, and StatCounter reports a 68% market share for Windows 10 systems.

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