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Cisco Launches AI-Powered Networking Solutions and $1 Billion Fund for AI Startups

Cisco's AI investment fund is set to support the development of innovative AI systems.


At its Cisco Live 2024 conference, Systems took a bold step in its AI strategy, unveiling a $1 billion global fund to support AI startups. Cisco´s commitment to AI also includes launching various AI-enhanced products and services such as the Nexus HyperFabric AI clusters, which were developed in partnership with Nvidia.

AI-Enhanced Networking Solutions

Cisco´s Nexus HyperFabric AI clusters are designed to simplify the management and deployment of AI pods and data center workloads. The Nexus HyperFabric AI cluster solution is tailored to help businesses operationalize by offering a comprehensive infrastructure solution that scales AI workloads. This integration combines 's accelerated computing platforms, AI software, and inference microservices, ensuring optimal performance and security for .

In addition, Cisco has made significant improvements to its ThousandEyes infrastructure monitoring platform. These enhancements focus on providing “digital experience assurance” for Cisco Networking Cloud users. The upgraded platform aims to ensure a consistent user experience by enhancing visibility across enterprise, cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and internet networks.

ThousandEyes is a cloud-based network intelligence and performance monitoring platform designed to provide comprehensive visibility into the performance of networks and applications across the internet and cloud ecosystems. Acquired by Cisco in 2020, ThousandEyes helps organizations diagnose and troubleshoot issues related to network connectivity, application delivery, and user experience.

Advancements in Security and Productivity

Cisco has also upped its security game with new AI features in its Security Cloud offering. These enhancements improve firewall infrastructure and threat detection by leveraging AI for better network health visibility and AI-powered management.

In terms of productivity, Cisco has refined its collaboration tool, Webex. The Webex Contact Center now boasts that assist customer service teams, handling conversational self-service tasks and providing for agents. These assistants are designed to enhance, rather than replace, human interactions, leading to more efficient issue resolution.

The AI Assistant for Webex Suite, set to become available for enterprise users, will allow IT administrators to manage remote device access within the Webex Control Hub. Furthermore, a new feature in Cisco Spaces, Desk Reservation, will streamline the process of booking desk space and scheduling Cisco Collaboration Devices.

Strategic Investments in AI Innovation

Cisco's new $1 billion investment fund aims to drive the development of advanced AI systems through strategic investments in startups such as Cohere, , and Scale AI. These investments are directed at enhancing areas like customer readiness, compute infrastructure, foundational models, AI model development, and AI training. The investment fund is a central aspect of Cisco's broader strategy to integrate and secure AI-driven technologies.

Last Updated on June 6, 2024 4:37 pm CEST

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