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MSI Reveals Claw 8 AI Plus Gaming Handheld with Intel Lunar Lake and 80WH Battery

The release of the Claw 8 AI Plus follows the initial handheld's launch three months ago, which garnered mixed feedback.


MSI has unveiled the Claw 8 AI Plus, an update to its Claw gaming PC handheld featuring Intel’s Lunar Lake processor and an 80Wh battery. The announcement follows the debut of the original MSI Claw, which had a mixed reception as the first Intel chip-based MSI handheld gaming device.

Upgraded Hardware

Replacing the older Meteor Lake chip, the new Claw 8 AI Plus is powered by Intel’s Lunar Lake processor, promising up to 50% higher GPU performance with lower power consumption due to its Xe2 GPU. The display has been expanded from a 7-inch, 1080p to an 8-inch screen, maintaining a 120Hz refresh rate with variable refresh rate (VRR) technology.

Battery and Connectivity Upgrades

The Claw 8 AI Plus stands out with a 80 watt-hour battery, rivaling the Asus ROG Ally X in capacity. The device now includes a second USB-C port with Thunderbolt 4 support, enhancing its connectivity. Further refinements include improved LB/RB button responsiveness and a switch from a two-cord charger to a simplified wall-mounted charger.

Special Fallout Edition

Alongside the Claw 8 AI Plus, MSI also announced a limited-edition Fallout version of the original Claw, designed to look like the Pip-Boy wrist computers from the Fallout games. This version retains the original specifications but promises to deliver “the largest battery in the industry.”

Market Context and Future Developments

The release of the Claw 8 AI Plus follows the initial handheld’s launch three months ago, which garnered mixed feedback, like in this devastating review from Gamers Nexus.

MSI’s marketing specialist Anne Lee stated that the new model aims to improve upon its predecessor with a larger screen and better performance. Jacob Roach from Digital Trends reported that the upcoming model would feature a redesign, including an M.2 2280 slot for extended SSDs, with availability expected in September.

MSI intends to release more information about the Claw 8 AI Plus during Computex in Taipei, Taiwan. There are yet no images of the new handheld. Initial tests of the original MSI Claw indicated no substantial performance gains, even with the latest BIOS and driver updates.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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