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Arm’s Market Share Ambition: 50% of Windows PCs in Five Years

Arm is confident it can grow to dominate the Windows PC industry by leveraging Qualcomm's Snapdrgon X Elite processor.


Rene Haas, Arm's CEO, has revealed an ambitious objective, telling Reuters he wants the company to secure 50% of the Windows by 2029. This initiative is closely linked to Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite processors, which are poised to catalyze a surge in Windows AI PCs. These advanced CPUs are expected to be a pivotal element in reinvigorating a market that has faced significant obstacles.

Qualcomm's Contributions and Future Plans

's leader, Cristiano Amon, spotlighted the Snapdragon X Elite processors, poised to power both laptops and desktops, during his presentation at Computex 2024 in Taipei. He introduced a mini-PC concept featuring the X Elite, highlighting its adaptability. Qualcomm also provided a development kit in a mini-PC format to assist developers with the transition.

Shifting from x86 CPUs to Arm-based units involves notable complexities. Currently, x86 CPUs from Intel and AMD dominate. Kieren Jessop of Canalys told The Register that attaining a 50% market share within five years would necessitate monumental shifts in industry dynamics. At present, Arm-based CPUs account for roughly 8-10% of quarterly , largely thanks to Apple M-series Silicon.

By 2026, Canalys forecasts that Arm-based CPUs could capture 30% of the PC market. Jessop reasons that surpassing this forecast might require an unexpected move, such as Intel releasing its own Arm chip, a scenario he deems improbable. 

Regardless, Qualcomm is undeterred. Cristiano Amon mentioned that certain OEMs are preparing for up to 60% of their Windows PC sales to feature Snapdragon chips within three years. An accelerated move to Windows + is anticipated to drive this transition, offering fresh features and productivity boosts.

OEMs are showing a growing interest in adopting Arm-based chips. Amon emphasized that changing requirements and expectations from both OEMs and users are influencing this shift. The introduction of Qualcomm's Orion CPU, built on the Arm architecture, is part of the strategy to capture a larger market share.

### IT Departments and Transition Considerations

Ranjit Atwal, a research director at Gartner, told The Register that IT departments are typically cautious with new technology adoption, needing more compelling reasons beyond longer battery life. However, the Snapdragon X Elite processors and a rumored Nvidia Arm chip for PCs could sway their decisions. Additionally, is enhancing the Arm ecosystem in Windows through emulation and support for x86 applications.

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