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CISPE Denies Settlement with Microsoft Over Antitrust Complaints

CISPE accuses Microsoft of abusing its market power through restrictive software licensing terms, leading to discriminatory pricing.


is actively negotiating with CISPE, a coalition of European cloud service providers, over ongoing antitrust issues. Despite reports hinting at a close resolution, CISPE has asserted no settlement is in place. Any potential agreement would require the full endorsement of CISPE's General Assembly, which consists of 34 cloud providers across 14 EU countries.

Rumors of a pending settlement surfaced following comments from two anonymous insiders who informed Politico that an agreement was imminent. These sources suggested Microsoft would pay millions of euros to settle the complaint lodged by CISPE in the EU and that CISPE would cease further global objections against Microsoft. However, CISPE has categorically denied these assertions, stating that dialogues are still in progress without a concluded settlement.

Background of the Antitrust Dispute

The antitrust issue dates back to 2022 when CISPE lodged a complaint with the European Commission. They accused Microsoft of exploiting its market dominance through restrictive software licensing policies, leading to biased pricing. According to CISPE, such practices force customers into Microsoft ecosystems, stifling market competition.

AWS's Role within CISPE

Within the CISPE framework, Web Services (AWS) stands out prominently. Given AWS's significant rivalry with Microsoft in the cloud domain, some industry analysts speculate that Amazon might be leveraging CISPE to counter Microsoft's European stronghold, potentially for its strategic benefit.

Responding to the allegations, Microsoft stated it is engaging cooperatively with CISPE to resolve the concerns. CISPE has acknowledged the presence of negotiation proposals but reiterated no conclusive agreement exists. This ongoing dialogue highlights the competitive strains in the cloud services market and reflects the complexities involved.

CISPE's Approval Mechanism

For any settlement to proceed, it must undergo a comprehensive review and receive the approval of CISPE's General Assembly. This assembly, representing 34 cloud providers from 14 EU Member States, ensures that any decision aligns with the collective interests of Europe's cloud services sector.

The outcome of these talks could significantly impact Europe's cloud industry. A settlement could establish a precedent for managing antitrust issues within technology. Conversely, a failure to reach an agreement might lead to extended legal conflicts and increased regulatory oversight for Microsoft.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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