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Microsoft is Working on a Unified Multicloud Management Platform

The unified multicloud management platform will build upon Microsoft's existing Entra suite.


is working on a new integrated platform to simplify the process of discovering and fixing security risks, following zero-trust principles. In the official announcement, the company emphasized users' growing difficulty securing access across multiple cloud environments. The objective of this initiative is to create a single platform that secures any identity in any cloud setup.

Expanding on Existing Entra Products

Building upon the existing Entra lineup, the new platform will include enhancements to Permissions Management (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management, CIEM), Privileged Identity Management (PAM), ID Governance (Identity Governance and Administration, IGA), and Workload Identity (Identity and Access Management, IAM for workloads). Microsoft aims to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to identify elusive risks better and propose efficient solutions for these challenges.

Key Development Areas and Integration

Though a launch date for the platform has not been disclosed, Microsoft has outlined four main areas of focus for development, which target the complexities prevalent in multicloud management and security. Now available, the integration of Microsoft Entra Permissions Management with Microsoft Defender for Cloud provides deeper insights and advice for managing permissions across various cloud platforms, boosting overall security.

Recent Updates to Microsoft Entra

In recent updates, Microsoft expanded passkey support, incorporating phishing-resistant passkeys in the Microsoft Authenticator app for iOS and that comply with the W3C WebAuthN standard. Additionally, Microsoft Entra ID now supports external methods, allowing the integration of various MFA providers to offer a versatile and unified identity management system.

The company also announced the availability of Microsoft Entra External ID. This Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution is tailored for partners, business clients, and consumers to help secure identities, facilitate collaboration, and speed up the development of secure applications.

Microsoft's efforts in developing this new converged platform mark a substantial step in enhancing security solutions for the digital landscape. The company plans to keep updating the public on its progress, encouraging organizations to consider Microsoft Entra ID Governance and Permissions Management as core components of their cloud access management strategies.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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