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Perplexity Unveils AI-Driven “Pages” for Knowledge Sharing

Perplexity´s new Pages tool allows users to convert conversations and research threads into organized, visually appealing content.


Perplexity, the start-up recognized for its AI-native search capabilities, has launched a new tool called Pages. The feature aims to facilitate the organization and sharing of AI-generated knowledge and research. Pages is designed to transform extensive research into accessible articles and reports, catering to users' needs for a streamlined process.

With the introduction of Pages, Perplexity is strengthening its position in the competitive market, trying to set itself apart from major competitors like Microsoft Copilot and Google Gemini.

Simplifying Research for Educators and Researchers

Pages is built to make disseminating knowledge more straightforward for creators in various fields, including and research. The tool allows users to convert conversations and research threads into organized, visually appealing content. This feature addresses the common issue of sharing unstructured by providing a structured format that enhances user experience and enriches the knowledge-sharing ecosystem.

Users can create a page in the library section by entering a prompt. They can select an audience type to tailor the tone of the generated text. The tool also allows users to rewrite, reformat, or remove sections and add new ones by prompting the AI. Additionally, it helps find and insert relevant media items such as images and videos. Pages created are publishable and searchable through , and users can share the link with others who can ask follow-up questions. Existing conversation threads can be turned into pages with a button.

Feature for Pro Subscribers

Initially available to Pro subscribers, Perplexity plans to eventually roll out Pages to all users. The company has also announced enterprise-centric plans focusing on privacy and security, along with partnerships with international telecommunication providers such as Japan's SoftBank Corp. and Germany's Deutsche Telekom.

Perplexity's head of design, Henry Modisett highlighted the challenge of designing animations to make the user experience pleasant while the AI completes the page. He emphasized that users curate the information, making decisions about the page's content and organization, thus maintaining a significant human aspect.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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