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Samsung Galaxy Watch Gains AI-Powered Health Tools

Samsung says the Galaxy AI integration in its Galaxy Watch series will produce more accurate health and fitness readings.


has integrated its Galaxy AI, initially developed for Galaxy smartphones, into the Galaxy Watch. This move aims to bolster the health-monitoring capabilities of the wearable, reflecting Samsung's strategy to extend AI functionalities across its product lineup. This development follows the release of the Galaxy S24 series, which heralded what Samsung calls the “era of mobile AI.”

On-Device AI for Personalized Health

By incorporating Galaxy AI into the Galaxy Watch, Samsung aims to offer more personalized and secure health experiences. The integration works in tandem with the Samsung Health app, introducing features like comprehensive health insights and motivational support. A notable addition is the Energy Score, which evaluates personal health data such as sleep patterns, heart rate, and activity levels to provide a clearer picture of daily health. Wellness Tips further enhance the user experience by offering guidance to help achieve health goals.

Advanced Health Algorithms

The AI-powered health algorithms promise more precise and accurate health metrics. These include detailed sleep insights, covering movement, sleep latency, heart rate, and respiratory rate, collectively known as Sleep Insights. Samsung has also added new fitness features that offer tailored training experiences. These include Aerobic and Anaerobic Threshold Heart Rate Zones for efficient running and Functional Threshold Power metrics for cyclists. The new Workout Routine feature facilitates transitions between exercises, while the Race function allows users to compare current and past performance on familiar routes.

Future Integrations Across Galaxy Ecosystem

Junho Park, Samsung's VP and Head of the Galaxy Ecosystem Product Planning Team, MX Business, highlighted the company's vision of expanding Galaxy AI across its ecosystem. Park mentioned that the introduction of Galaxy AI to the Galaxy Watch is just the beginning, with more integrations across the Galaxy portfolio expected soon. The new features will be available on the upcoming Galaxy Watch lineup through One UI 6 Watch, which is set to launch later this year. Additionally, a select group of Galaxy Watch users will have early access to the beta program starting in June.

Samsung's One UI 6 Watch is built on top of Wear OS 5, which unveiled earlier this month. The update will be available for Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic, Galaxy Watch5, Galaxy Watch5 Pro, Galaxy Watch6, and Galaxy Watch6 Classic. The Energy Score includes metrics such as sleep time average, sleep consistency, wake time consistency, sleep timing, previous day activity, sleeping heart rate, and heart rate variability. The sleep AI algorithm now includes metrics like snoring hours, blood oxygen level, and sleep cycle.

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