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OpenAI Secures AI Content Deals with The Atlantic and Vox Media

OpenAI continues to expand its deals with media outlets, allows it to train AI models from partner content without legal action.


has established new content licensing agreements with The Atlantic and Vox Media. These partnerships are designed to improve the chatbot's response quality and provide essential data for training OpenAI's large language models (LLMs). The agreements include financial components and grant these publishers access to OpenAI's advanced artificial Intelligence.

Enhancing AI with Media Content

The integration of content from these media outlets marks a significant step in blending with traditional news delivery. By utilizing articles from The Atlantic and Vox Media, OpenAI aims to refine its model's ability to process and understand complex information, ensuring that the chatbot's output remains accurate and informative. Pam Wasserstein, President of Vox Media, emphasized the strategic importance of this collaboration, noting its potential to maintain the originality and integrity of their content while reaching new audiences in the AI age.

Ethical Considerations and Intellectual Property

Vox Media has adopted a careful approach to using AI technology. The partnership with OpenAI is built on principles that protect Vox Media's intellectual property, including compensation for their content, extending their brand's reach among users, and ensuring proper attribution back to their sites. This approach underscores the company's commitment to innovation while safeguarding its interests.

OpenAI has been actively forming alliances with various media organizations to secure training data and mitigate copyright risks. Recent deals include agreements with News Corp, Axel Springer, DotDash Meredith, the Financial Times, and The Associated Press. Financial terms vary widely, with News Corp's deal valued at approximately $250 million over five years, while the Financial Times' agreement is estimated between $5 million and $10 million. Specific terms for The Atlantic and Vox Media were not disclosed.

Expanding Media Integration

Content from Vox Media, including articles from The Verge, Vox, New York Magazine, Eater, and SBNation, will be incorporated into ChatGPT with proper attribution links. Vox Media plans to use OpenAI's technology to enhance its affiliate commerce product, The Strategist Gift Scout, and expand its ad data platform, Forte. The Atlantic is developing a microsite called Atlantic Labs to experiment with AI tools aimed at improving its journalism and reader engagement.

OpenAI's strategy includes measures to avoid copyright infringement claims. The company has faced legal challenges, including a lawsuit from The New York Times, which alleges that ChatGPT's use of its content constitutes copyright violation. These partnerships are part of OpenAI's broader effort to navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding AI and content usage.

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