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Arm Introduces Advanced Cortex-X925 and Immortalis G925

Arm has unveiled its latest series of Cortex chips that are powering high-end smartphones with MediaTek chips.


Arm has introduced its latest CPU and GPU designs, the Cortex-X925 and Immortalis G925, aimed at flagship . These new models follow the Cortex-X4 and Immortalis G720, which are currently utilized in MediaTek's Dimensity 9300 chip, powering high-end devices like the Vivo X100, X100 Pro, and Oppo Find X7.

Performance Metrics and AI Enhancements

The Cortex-X925 CPU demonstrates a 36% boost in single-core performance over its predecessor, the X4, according to Geekbench scores. Arm highlights a 41% improvement in AI workload performance, with enhancements in time to token and an increase in private L2 cache up to 3MB. The new Cortex-A725 microarchitecture also offers a 35% increase in performance efficiency compared to the A720, along with a 15% improvement in power efficiency for the Cortex-A520.

Immortalis G925 GPU Features

Arm's Immortalis G925 GPU is designed to be the company's most efficient and powerful GPU to date. It delivers a 37% increase in graphics performance over the G720 and a 52% enhancement in ray-tracing capabilities. AI and machine learning tasks see a 34% improvement, all while reducing power consumption by 30%.

Optimized Layouts for Easier Integration

For the first time, Arm is providing optimized layouts for its new CPU and GPU designs. These layouts are intended to simplify the integration process for device manufacturers, potentially accelerating the market availability of devices featuring the Cortex-X925 and Immortalis G925.

The new designs are expected to be incorporated into smartphones by late 2024. MediaTek's Corporate Senior Vice President, JC Hsu, has confirmed that the upcoming flagship chipset, Dimensity 9400, will feature the Cortex-X925 CPU and Immortalis-G925 GPU. This points to potential new releases from Vivo or Oppo by the end of the year.

Current and Future Implementations

Currently, few smartphones combine both Arm's Cortex and Immortalis designs. The Dimensity 9200 chip, which powers the Vivo X90, X90 Pro, and Oppo Find X6, was the first to integrate Arm's hardware-based ray-tracing GPU, the Immortalis G715, with the Cortex-X4. More commonly, the Cortex is paired with other GPU designs, such as in Samsung's Exynos 2400, used in the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus.

The iQOO Neo 9pro currently utilizes the Dimensity 9300, while the Xiaomi 14 series and OnePlus 12 series incorporate the Cortex-X4 and Cortex-A720 in a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. These developments indicate a competitive landscape where Arm's new designs could play a pivotal role in shaping future high-end smartphones.

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