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PwC and OpenAI Partner to Expand ChatGPT Enterprise Access

Building on its partnership with OpenAI, PWC will now leverage ChatGPT Enterprise as its first distributer.


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has expanded its partnership with to distribute ChatGPT Enterprise, offering businesses a new avenue to access the service. Previously, companies could only obtain directly through OpenAI sales representatives. This collaboration allows PwC to not only distribute the AI tool but also provide additional services to help businesses integrate and optimize its use.

Expanding AI Accessibility and Implementation

The partnership aims to enhance the implementation of artificial intelligence in business operations. PwC plans to leverage its extensive platform and industry expertise to integrate ChatGPT Enterprise more effectively into various business models. This initiative will help companies utilize AI for a range of purposes, from exploring new technological possibilities to executing specific projects. PwC will support businesses at every stage, from initial planning to full-scale implementation.

PwC has announced that its teams in the United States and the United Kingdom will be subscribing to ChatGPT Enterprise, making it one of the largest users of the product globally. The firm, which employs over 267,000 people, intends to use custom GPTs for tasks such as tax return reviews, development assistance, and report generation. This move showcases the versatility and capacity of AI applications in professional environments.

PWC is already a partner of OpenAI, aiming to provide AI-generated advice to clients on tax, legal, and HR matters. This strategic move is geared towards both reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

ChatGPT Enterprise Features and Market Presence

Launched in August 2023, ChatGPT Enterprise offers enterprise-grade security, unlimited access to , and advanced customization options. This service is part of a broader wave of AI innovations targeting enterprise users, including offerings from Cohere, , and integrations with major cloud providers like Azure and Web Services.

OpenAI has announced that PwC will become its largest customer to date, covering 100,000 users. PwC will also be OpenAI's first partner for selling the AI company's enterprise offerings to other businesses. The enterprise tier of ChatGPT, which includes faster, unlimited interactions and flexible customization options, currently has around 600,000 users, including 93% of all Fortune 500 companies.

PwC's 100,000 employees in the U.S., U.K., and the Middle East will significantly boost the number of enterprise users. There is potential for PwC to expand its usage of ChatGPT to its global operations, which could include 328,000 employees. Bret Greenstein, a partner and generative AI leader at PwC, emphasized that adopting ChatGPT will not necessarily threaten jobs but might allow the company to grow its business without needing to add more people.

While OpenAI does not disclose enterprise pricing publicly, the self-service version of ChatGPT costs $30 per user, and the consumer edition is $20 per user. OpenAI is building out a channel strategy to supplement its direct engagement with enterprises, and neither PwC nor OpenAI would discuss specific pricing details for the partnership.

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