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Google Adds Gemini AI Features to Chromebook Plus Laptops

Google Chromebook Plus users can now access Gemini Plus AI features, including "Help me Write" and the Magic Editor.


has expanded the capabilities of its Chromebook Plus series by integrating advanced AI features. These enhancements are aimed at improving user experience through the inclusion of Google's Gemini AI chatbot and other AI-driven functionalities.

Gemini AI Chatbot and Premium Access

Chromebook Plus users will now find the Gemini AI chatbot accessible directly from the home screen app shelf. This integration is part of a broader initiative to incorporate AI into everyday computing tasks. Additionally, new Chromebook Plus owners will benefit from a complimentary 12-month subscription to the Google One AI Premium plan, which typically costs $19.99 per month. This plan includes access to the Gemini Advanced model, 2 TB of cloud storage, and AI features embedded in , Gmail, and other productivity tools.

AI-Powered Writing and Creative Tools

Among the new features, the “Help me write” AI tool stands out. This tool assists users in generating text from prompts or rewriting existing text to match different tones and styles. Users can right-click to receive suggestions or modify the tone to better fit their audience, making text more formal, concise, or completely rephrased. Additionally, Chromebook Plus users will have the ability to create -based wallpapers and video backgrounds. The update also includes the Magic Editor feature for Google Photos, enabling quick image and video edits using AI technology.

Beyond AI capabilities, Chromebook Plus laptops will offer several other enhancements. Android phone users can quickly set up their Chromebook Plus by syncing their Google account and Wi-Fi settings. A new built-in screen capture tool will enable users to record screen activity and convert it into GIFs for easy meme creation.

A new Game Dashboard will also be available, allowing users to map mobile game controls to the keyboard for improved gameplay. All these features are set to be rolled out within the next week through a software update.

Expanded Device Range and Integration

The AI features are not limited to new devices; existing models from Asus and HP, as well as new devices from Acer, will also receive these updates. Acer has announced two new Chromebook Plus devices: the Chromebook Plus Spin 714 and the Chromebook Plus 516GE. The Spin 714 can be configured with Intel Core Ultra 7 or Core Ultra 5 processors, up to 16GB of memory, and 512GB of storage, featuring a 14-inch touch display with optional stylus support. The 516GE is a gaming-focused Chromebook with a 16-inch, 1600p, 120Hz IPS display, an RGB keyboard, GeForce Now preinstalled, a 1080p webcam, and Wi-Fi 6E.

Google has also integrated the Gemini AI features into the Chrome desktop browser, enhancing the browsing experience with AI-driven functionalities. This integration aims to provide a seamless transition between different devices and platforms, ensuring that users can take full advantage of the regardless of their device.

Future AI Features and Enhancements

Looking ahead, Google plans to introduce more AI features for Chromebook Plus users. Upcoming enhancements include the ability to summarize websites or PDF files, among other functionalities. Google also plans to release more features to on Chromebook Plus devices throughout the year, including “Project Gameface” AI face and gesture tracking and Gemini's “Help me read” for summarizing PDFs.

In addition to the AI features, Google is releasing new functionalities for both Chromebook Plus and standard . These include a QR code setup process for sharing Wi-Fi and login credentials from an Android phone, the ability to make GIFs from screen recordings, and a built-in view of Google Tasks. Chromebook Plus devices will also receive a new Focus feature with Do Not Disturb mode and the ability to share open windows and programs across different .

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