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YouTube Videos Skipping to End for Ad Blocker Users

YouTube users are complaining that the platform seems to be ending videos instantly when an AdBlock is in use.


Users have reported that videos are automatically skipping to the end, suggesting a bug rather than a feature. Reports identified by 9to5Google indicate that this issue predominantly affects users with ad blockers installed. The problem occurs when videos are played from the start or replayed, and sometimes videos load endlessly when users try to skip to different parts.

Ad Blocker Disabling Resolves Issue

Feedback from users indicates that disabling the ad blocker resolves the issue. The behavior is mainly observed among users with AdBlock installed, though a few users without ad blockers have also reported similar problems. This has led to speculation that YouTube might be implementing measures to discourage ad blocker use. However, it is also possible that YouTube is not directly responsible for the glitch. Previous accusations against YouTube for slowing down videos and causing crashes were later attributed to bugs in AdBlock and AdBlock Plus.

New Youtube adblock weird behaviour – video automatically skips to the end
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YouTube has previously taken steps to deter ad blocker use, such as displaying pop-up messages with countdown timers and issuing warnings about potential buffering issues for users of third-party apps that block ads. The platform relies on various advertisement formats for revenue and to support . While some users go to great lengths to avoid ads, YouTube's decision to implement unskippable ads has faced criticism.

To address ad-related concerns, YouTube offers a Premium subscription that removes ads, provides better 1080p quality, and allows video downloads for offline access. Following the latest price increase, the individual plan starts at $13.99 per month, while the family plan, which can be shared among six users, is priced at $22.99 per month.

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