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Outlook Lite Expands with SMS Features Worldwide

SMS messaging on Outlook Lite is now widely available worldwide and directly within Microsoft's Android email app.


has rolled out SMS capabilities for its Outlook Lite app, making it accessible to users worldwide. This update allows for the sending and receiving of SMS messages directly within the app, merging SMS with existing email, calendar, and contact functionalities.

Activating SMS Features and Ensuring Security

To enable the new SMS feature, users need to update the app via the Google Play Store. Once updated, they can activate SMS by selecting the “SMS” icon and granting the necessary permissions. Microsoft highlights the enhanced security measures accompanying this integration, aiming to provide a unified communication platform that is both convenient and secure.

Looking ahead, Microsoft plans to further develop the SMS functionality within Outlook Lite. Upcoming updates will offer deeper integration with the app's current features and introduce cloud backups for SMS messages. While specific details on enhanced security features remain undisclosed, they are part of the ongoing development.Outlook-Lite-SMS

Growth and Adoption Metrics

Since its launch in August 2022, Outlook Lite has seen rapid adoption, surpassing 5 million downloads on the Play Store by December 2023. Initially created for budget Android phones, the lightweight app has broadened its user base and continues to evolve with new features to cater to user demands.

The SMS feature in Outlook Lite is particularly designed to cater to low-resource phones, ensuring that users with budget devices can still enjoy robust communication capabilities. This design consideration underscores Microsoft's commitment to inclusivity in technology.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions on the SMS functionality through the app or by commenting on the blog post. This engagement is part of Microsoft's strategy to refine and enhance the app based on user input.

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